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Favignana FAQ

How can I reach Favignana?

How can I reach Favignana?

Favignana can be reached by hydrofoil with the Liberty Lines company or with Siremar ferries. For more information visit the page "how to get to Favignana".

Alternatively you can use the transfers by motorboat Trapani-Favignana, Marsala-Favignana, Favignana-Trapani and Favignana-Marsala

Where can I buy tickets to get to Favignana?

Tickets can be purchased at the Liberty Lines ticket offices at the port of Trapani or online on the official website

Is it possible to bring pets?

Yes. Animals can travel, just buy a ticket for your four-legged friend and be muzzled.

How long does it take to reach Favignana?

To reach the island of Favignana from Trapani it takes about 30 minutes with a direct trip or about 40 minutes with a stopover in Levanzo.

How to move in Favignana

Is there a bus in Favignana?

Yes, in Favignana there is the public bus service of the Tarantolabus that allows you to reach the main seaside areas of the island.

Where can I take the bus?

The terminus is located on Lungomare Duilio, leaving the port of Favignana you just have to turn left, and you will find the timetable and routes, the ticket can be purchased on board.

What are the bus schedules in Favignana?

To consult the timetables you can visit our "Bus timetable favignana page.

Vehicle rental in Favignana

What can I rent in Favignana?

As soon as you disembark at the port of Favignana, you will find our Info Point, right in front of the Liberty Lines ticket offices, where you can rent bikes, scooters and cars. Or through our site you can book the following means directly online :

What documents are required?

A valid identity document is sufficient for bike rental. A valid type B driving license is required for scooters and cars.

Beaches and coves

Which are the main beaches and coves of Favignana?

The main beaches and coves of Favignana are Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Scalo Cavallo, Lido Burrone, Calamoni, Marasolo, Cala Rotonda, Cala Grande, Punta Sottile, Cala del Pozzo, Cala S. Nicola.

Bathing and wind

Where to swim with a north wind?

With north winds it is advisable to visit the south side of the island, then Lido Burrone, Cala Azzurra, Preveto, Calamoni, Marasolo, Grotta Perciata.

Where to swim with a southern wind?

With wind from the south it is advisable to visit the north side of the island, such as Cala Rossa, Scalo Cavallo, Punta S. Nicola, Cala del Pozzo.

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