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General excursion conditions

Each excursion is subject to program changes or cancellation at the sole discretion of the staff in charge, who will assess the appropriate weather and safety conditions daily. In the event of cancellation for reasons not attributable to the guests and beyond their responsibility, the excursion will be rescheduled for subsequent days, and if not feasible, the fare will be fully refunded.

The platform is owned by A. M.C. Service, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", which acts as an agency for driverless vehicle rental services, bookings, and other tourist assistance activities not conducted by travel agencies, with a particular focus on the destination Egadi Islands, collectively referred to as the "Tourist Services" or "Services", and individually as the "Tourist Service" or "Service".

The Company engages in intermediary activities in marketing individual Tourist Services, for which regular mandates are individually signed by each Provider.

The Company provides this booking platform for use by Users and Providers of Tourism Services, hereinafter referred to as the "Users" and the "Providers" respectively.

Additionally, the Company offers access to certain cooperation partners, referred to as "Resellers", to provide booking services for the Providers' Tourist Services to their clients. Use of this platform by Resellers is subject to a separate and specific contractual agreement and is not permitted without prior written consent.

With regard to contracts for Tourist Services offered on this booking platform, the Company acts solely as an intermediary, providing digital tools for payment, which is then transferred to the final service Provider. The intermediation platform bears no responsibility for the quality of the service or any related issues, which are the direct responsibility of the final service Provider.

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