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General conditions for the rental

  1. Use of the vehicle
    The lessee undertakes to use the vehicle with care and prudence, not to subject it to efforts, excessive speed, loads and impracticable itineraries (dirt roads and beaches); not to give the guide to third parties, even if they have a driving license.
  2. Liability
    Any damage suffered by the vehicle will be borne by the lessee, in addition to the costs of repairs, to be carried out by trusted performers of the latter, compensation must be recognized - equal to the list price used by the lessor in the specific period - for each day on which the vehicle will not be able to circulate for reasons dependent on this location. The tenant will bear the consequences of the fines he incurs and undertakes to reconcile them when conciliation is admitted.
  3. Complaints and reports
    The lessee is obliged to report in writing to the lessor, upon his return, but in any case no later than 24 hours from the fact, any accident, even of minor importance, which occurred during the rental time which could produce consequences mentioned in the previous points, specifying favorable circumstances, evidence and testimonies
  4. Rental requirements
    The following requirements are mandatory and fundamental to rent a vehicle for the categories listed below.
    Scooter, car:
    - Valid driving license and minimum age of 18.
    Bikes, e-bikes:
    - Valid identity document.
  5. Security deposit
    The security, established during the conclusion of the contract, will be returned only after payment of the rental price and after the return of the vehicle without damage and without accidents, or after the definition of the consequences of accidents in which the tenant was in progress. The latter authorizes the lessor to immediately claim the security for the indemnities referred to in points 1 and 2. The lessee will also be responsible for the consequences of the damage caused during the movement of the vehicle during the rental period, whether they are caused by people and things of third parties or by people and things transported.

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